Minds Behind the Music (MBM) Inaugural MBMHonors

minds-behind-the-music-heroMinds Behind the Music (MBM) is pleased to host the Inaugural MBMHonors celebrating a successful 2015 and commemorating industry professionals who have demonstrated professional excellence while giving back to their communities.

The honorees are Yomi Desalu (MTV), J.D. Tuminski (Columbia Records) and Nicole George-Middleton (ASCAP).

Hosted by the HARMAN Flagship Store and sponsored by Plum Radio Inc., #MBMHonors is a great networking opportunity for young professionals seeking to advance their careers and for industry professionals to celebrate their peers. To aid in 2016 fundraising efforts, raffle tickets are available for purchase for the chance to win a fantastic holiday gift pack courtesy of HARMAN worth $500.

Visit https://mbmhonors2015.eventbrite.com/ for RSVP information and to learn more about our 2015 Honorees.